Kun Faya Kun – Brilliant cover by Berklee Indian Ensemble

The students from the Berklee Indian Ensemble have put together this beautiful and mesmerizing cover of the Sufi song Kun Faya Kun (OST Rockstar, 2011) at a A.R. Rahman Tribute concert at Boston Symphony Hall. This song was originally composed by A.R. Rahman and sung by A. R. Rahman, Mohit Chauhan, and Javed Ali.

Kun Fayakun comes from Arabic words Kun(كن) which means to be or to exist and fayakun (فيكون) which means it is. So, the literal translation is Be, and it is. Its a Quranic  verse which symbolizes the power of the creator.

The cover not only reminds us how beautiful the song in itself is but also the fact that music is transcendental and it knows no bounds or limits. Its heart-warming to see people from different nationalities come together and create something so amazing.

As per Berklee Indian Ensemble, they are almost done with their post production work. After they get the necessary permissions from the publishers, they  promise to release the entire concert as an online stream.


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